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  1. You forgot Uncle Sam's share. You need a day job to pay for it! Oh yeah you failed to subtract cost of living (insert day job there too). First three years = cardboard box. C'mon let's get realistic! Unless you're a super intelligent/ sub+ work ethic sixteen year old with some Birthday money savings, with little to no bill's, and your parents have you setup with a nice computer and good internet. This data you explained will not work. Everyone get's excited looking at straight numbers without due diligence. I'm not looking to be a scrooge here but you just happened to be the first out of twenty or so of the same videos where I said enough is enough. Yes it can be done.. but at what cost? How low are you willing to go and for how long? Also, this is the same principle and reason why (thinking 90% traders fail) most americans are in such great debt.. it was easy but oh wait I forgot to factor all this other sh*t in there.. whoops

  2. Unfortunately nobody does count the losses. A reasonable approach is 10% as a goal of a bigger capital, higher when the capital is smaller as the video shows even though 10-5% is acceptable (need to be more than you need) if trading for a living it is, risking 2% a day having some losses in the month. In a ideal scenario, 20 trading days, 15-5 win x losses (more days w/ same rate is better), 10% a month. Not a greedy goal. Remember, anywhere near it is fine… BUT! BUT! BUT! If someone is good enough, time enough to risk it, not too much capital or wants to leverage, he can risk more of the small capital or go heavy for some period using a tight risk management in order to achieve a value. A long consistency track is required for this. Beginners usually get to his after 2-3 years period at the very least. The spreadsheet is makes sense and all even though he counts 30 days in a month w/o losses in the midterm but the monthly goal is not that far though. Reasonable goal in the very end to a consistent trader. I saved the video as a fine goal to trace. I already trade nicely, closing some months positive..

  3. The most important rule is to always follow your trading plan. Not all trades are winning trades. You need to remind yourself that some trades are not going to go your way. I think that having such targets will only give you false expectations. Guys, just have the discipline to follow your trading system.

  4. now its been more than two years since then, can you pls show the result for real account in a real account at least thru third party website like myfxbook.com! or at least on demo which is still not efficient. You or any one you know who follow. also why SL is 20 base on which system! last one, it is all depend on winning ratio + DD, thanks for hint in your sheet but i guess there was over simplifying to the reality.

  5. 20 pip stop loss, where is your drawdown? 20 pips is such a small fraction of a daily ATR, you will be whipsawed by intraday volatility and next thing your position sizing is out the window just to get even! Your table is based on a fantasy. What is the RoR (risk of ruin) and RoMaD (Risk over maximum drawdown) for this? Without such you are selling science fiction

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