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  1. ur analysis is great , u think like me , when market moves we get i do minimum one dollar one pip , we hv local broker only option that not les than that commission is 2 dollar i m sure next week wd be same becos of non farm pay roll next week slow market , i got 80 GB data from u tube experts for scalp trading i m in this business from 2003 ,watching from 6 months these trading idea
    s and found effective and result oriented ,i suggests friends here learn scalping i do many trades get minimum 20 $ a day with many trades once i made 84 $ a day that is successful than remaining more time in market , however i request to mam janna this Friday first euro dip fast then moved up i dont trade like that but hv u any suggestion for such event thanks

  2. what is happening this week , it is such a slow fall , though i anticipated from 1.1423 , but couldnt get good points either the fall is too slow or happened when i was busy , not full time trader ,,it is hard to trade , it hard to leave position open ,, i lost huge amount in this manner single dollar lot or once in regular account , from 2003 i m in this business earlier dependent now my self trading it never turned back ,, and similarly it may go up , euro usd , suddenly due to news and make way up ,my conclusion now only if ready to give 100 point stop loss and wait for it to get goood money provided u know technical s just advice or suggestion to fellow traders ,only this technique i found successful strict stop loss only give losses

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