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  1. Karen if u see this plz plz read my comment i want t share my feeling it might be very long First Thankiew alot karen from the bottom of my heart karen for ur inspirational video i watch all ur video may God be with u, I am from Northeast India 20 yrs old guy from a countryside middle class family and i've been into live intraday trading for jst 2 months only with 300$ capital although i made losses but i learned alot from my mistake n improving myself and hustling to be a successful trader n businessman like u karen i know ur story too karen u've been struggling hustling for years to get to this point where u r today n i am very very Happy for u karen when i make losses in intraday trading i used to be broken stress and i think of u karen ur history past struggle hustle for years that made me strong motivated every single day and karen i am from a countryside where people mindset is study hard and become a doctor,engineer,etc. but i can't karen trading n being a businessman is what i love to do hope u understand karen n i won't give up on trading n business n i will hustle to become sucessfull in future like u karen .
    N i wanted to meet u in real karen when i have enough money to buy plane ticket to singapore n passport to singapore i will come one day to meet u in real u r my mentor guide everything in youtube and love u karen one day see u in real

  2. Karen after 1year of trading FX and stocks I suffered heavy losses my FX accounts during last flash crash then it became a lesson learned to me to manage my capital in which the reason my accounts blown away. Now
    found strategy that maybe the counter of any flash crash reoccurence. I started to take profits with prudent moves….

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