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  1. Hey Nick, I discovered your channel just recently and I really like your style. You are not trying to sell too hard your own ideas, but instead you are helping and inviting people to find they own "trading groove". In the video you mentioned this Two Up, Two down strategy can be complemented with some indicator or other data to filter out the worst entries. Have you ever tried/considered to use pure statistics for that purpose? I'm a big fan of statistics and I use it heavily in my strategies. As example. Here below is a link to the distribution of the highs and lows of the day by hour of XAUUSD from the beginning of 2008. It's quite clear that odds to succeed with this kind of reversal strategy are much higher if you trade for example Gold with it later in the afternoon (GMT), not during the morning hours.


    Take care and keep up good work.

  2. Amazing strategy i tried from last night take it 12 trades from differents pair out of 12 nine trades running in 30 pips profit just 2 trades running in loss and one trade on break even point.
    So Thanks alot nick you gives us that amazing and very simple concept to trade.
    Thanks again.

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