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  1. Bro do the definition in live chart
    Even I can say the trend an buying selling point in finshed market ple do the explanation in live markt it is that ve need
    Candle stick pattern explain in live chart bro

  2. Hi Rayner, I've been struggling to get the trending test to work, I'm showing negative equity curves in AUDCAD even though my trades are similar to your spreadsheet listed. My program is making more frequent trades and oscillated on the 17th making 4 trades, and was down 10% by december. Any chance you could share your settings/tricks for ignoring price oscillations around the entries?

  3. Please, if forex is a legitimate source for income, SHOW US THE HUGE TAX RETURNS or trading account statements, mt4 reports etc, PROOF you make positive income year after year…

    Until then there's no reason to believe or follow anything stated on these trading guru instrctional channels..


  4. @rayner teo just a quick observation this test you show if you equity curve slopes up on a trending market. Which it does as I made an ea to do your test this morning on a 14% win rate it had an average profit per year of 180% so why not just turn my pc on open mt4 find a market that trends and just leave the ea running ???

  5. Hi Rayner! First of all, would like to say a big thank you for all the videos that you shared on your channel. They are really useful and i learned so much from you! just wonder if you use volume during trading? If yes, would you mind doing a video on volume? Thanks in advance!

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