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  1. Andrew I have to thank you tremendously for showing your strategies. I've studied lots of patterns and strategies for several years and never been consistently successful untill I started following you. Thank you again.

  2. i have a suggestion , why do not you make the winner join your course for free so every week you can choose one person or two as you like , becuase the course is very useful more than BTC ,

  3. hello Andrew, i got some lessons from other traders in the past who confused me instead of helping me, your technician is helping me a lot and i'll be in your academy soon, god bless you,  1Lg8ccnnukuvdV6seiqGrWD9pNu8gHvoJU

  4. great channel,been watching you for the past few months from your other channel. Ive learned quiet a bit from your channels. took a trade from this stream n made few pips. thanks andrew


  5. The way you combine technical analysis with fundamental analysis is so powerful
    I hope one day I will do it as good as you can do it now.
    Thank you for the content.
    BTC address:

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