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  1. The safest way to avoid getting scammed in binary and Forex is by trading yourself, manage your account by yourself and monitor your profits by yourself. Deposit and Withdraw by yourself too. Stop looking for someone to help manage your account. Who said you can’t manage your account by yourself and still make profits ? Don't give out your Wallet ID and password to anyone.

    NOTE: Its not difficult but it requires consistency, determination and hard workcall or trext me if you want any help +19172686911

  2. there is a lot of good information hee. be sure to watch it again. if I watch once only, I have discovered that I missed some information or misinterpreted it. lots of chart time is the key.thank you Nick

  3. Hannah forex says you can make 15%+ returns every month using falcon trading’s strategies. And you’ve said realistic returns are 20% a year. Why do you have different opinions? I consider you two the only real traders in YouTube haha

  4. If you are interested in getting your trading account well managed with a profitable system that is 100% accurate, Start trading with Mr Andrew Lewis. contact him email:andlewis86 @ yahoo. com or whatsApp +44 7448 444085  he is the best you can ever think off.

  5. You don't brag about making money, you don't brag about making hundreds of Pips. You just have honest, straight forward advice on how to trade, wish I would have had you as a mentor 5 years ago. Thanks for your hard work and time you put in for us.

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