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  1. I think it's awesome you guys are doing this. However, it's really strange you guys are starting it on a Tuesday at the end of the month. Why not just wait til June 3 for that Monday /new month too begin? That way it gives you guys an exact month to get the word out and more people signed up.

  2. Managing an entire trading room and trade at the same time is very challenging…

    You missed a total of a couple of dimes for that, but results were definitely Awesome !

    I took on my own $FLR < 29$ and $ABMD < 230$, 2 trades, 2 greens, 2+ risk units, all in 2 min 20 seconds !

    It may sound a joke but, hopefully people watching your video here, might understand that is not a joke !!

    The platform worked like a charm…
    … really nothing to add other than:


    Cheers !


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