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  1. As an actual Forex Trader having done this since 2010 I would like to share the following:
    1. Forex trading is the biggest market by volume in the world (over 5 trillion US dollars a day), so it is real, liquid and lucrative. You just got in with too much of a rush and without enough research.
    2.The guy was saying the truth about trading gold online. It is called paper trading.It is not physical gold you are trading but just virtual contracts. You can trade all precious metals, oil, stocks, indices, currencies, cryptocurrencies etc.
    3.You don't need to put your money directly with ANY investor. You can have your money invested via a brokerage. You open an account, review an investment manager's performance and invest with them e.g. https://www.forextime.com/strategy/mitaa78782 or subscribe to signal provision on MQL5, or just get trading ideas for free on TradingView
    4. Warren Buffet says don't get into what you don't understand, you needed to only ask an audited P&L and an investor's credentials to their live trading accounts to get the results checked by someone independent who knows about Forex Trading.
    5. It is not a get rich scheme, but it can be a get poor super quick scheme if you are greedy when trading.
    6.Finally profitable traders don't solicit for clients. You are badgered all the time and it is too much of a stressful responsibility as too many have put their money and trust and livelihoods in your hands. Best traders trade for themselves, it is less stressful or open a Strategy Manager's account like above where the investors can put in and put out their money at will without directly interacting. Stressful because even good traders lose money, it is not a direct upward trend in the equity curve, there are draw downs.

    I trade for myself and family. Over the journey I not only lost substantial amounts of my own money trading I lost that of friends and family, they gave up on, but I kept on. I also learnt that trading other people's money is a bad bad idea. Every trader has gone through this phase, so if you find someone eager to take your money and they claim to be profitable traders, you should ask yourself why? Why don't they just make themselves rich with no need for extra hassles?

    You were on the right path to a new business line but got in too hastily and spent too much. 50k or LESS was enough to have tested out the waters. After 6 months to one year and having both your capital and profits regularly (at will, no excuses, that is why you need to invest via a brokerage, you pull out your money with a click) then perhaps you would have scaled up gradually the capital base.

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  3. When choosing a broker to trade forex please check and see if they are IFSC "International Financial Service Commission" certified.

    I am not a broker, nor do I promote any brokerage firm. I am just sharing with you so you dont get scammed your money. I have had friends who have been scammed in placing their trades in the past. I just want to share to lessen the potential in the future

  4. Sorry you were scammed, but Forex trading is real. However smart men and women who dont know how to trade use it to scam unsuspecting investors.

    My dear, you need to learn how to read charts, and trade successfully for yourself.

    Sorry again for your losses

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