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  1. Wayne is the g.o.a.t, never seen anyone teach so clear and consistently. I will one day have the time (due to work) to take these lectures properly but this is a great start, I cannot thank you enough

  2. Ребята,я тут узнал о просто диком баге одного популярного брокера,просто в дикий плюс торгую,но эти черти меня заблокировали за слишком хорошие показатели. За смешную сумму поделюсь

  3. Thank you, Wayne. Pairs covered: XAUUSD, AUDUSD, CADJPY, EURJPY + WTC Crude Oil and more. I especially found the discussion on central pivot usefulness and comparison, mean (average), standard deviation, and the analysis of a range very helpful in regard to planning.

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