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  1. easy money Start buying Fireworks if there are any for 4th of July, price of Flares will go up, when October come around, buy as much Halloween themed Items as possible, same with Thanksgiving and Christmas, I've made a ton of coins on Seasonal Items, also when a new weapon comes out, buy as much as you can and sit on them, there will be videos on how OP they are, I knew ahead of time that the Grenadier Drone was coming out, bought some at a reasonable price, also bought the 2 versions of the Horseman that had the Grenadier Drones ended up selling 12 of them for close to 1000 coins 980 I think

  2. More tips.

    Grind until you can comfortably complete all the different raids on all difficulties. Repair kits are recommended. Take note of AI mechanics, (They Target the center of the cabin always) so that your weapons don't break while raiding.

    Use your fuel each day. Now, If you wanna make money just literally sell everything you get. Everything. Scrap, copper, plastic, electronics, wires, batteries, & parts collected during missions. Complete challenges to earn badges, I recommend trading for the 250 Plastic. Which sells nicely.

    If you are patient like me. You'll notice by the end of a week, that you have a lot more money than you had at the beginning of the week.

    I used to build parts, which helped me get closer a build I could raid with. Now I'm collecting about 2500 coins a week with this method.

  3. Any time i wanna do a different build on my car i just see all the stuff i wanna sell for like 200 or 300 above the cost, and at least with purple weapons it will sell within a day or two. Than of course just equip a fuel tank and barrel, and a play get the cabin. Every couple games you can sell the stock pile of scrap, fuel, avia boosters, and huntsman cabins for almost 100 bucks. Id say my average is about 150 coins for about 20 games, thats if im winning most of the games. If you loose a lot than the coins go way down obviously. But my record of just selling those 4 things while playing get the cabin is was almost 2500 coins in a week if you include my daily logins and various scrap challenges that just happen over time. Of course i played the game a lot that week, and won 70% of all my games. And thats all with quick sells. If you individually uped the price per thing you sell it would be even higher i just don’t have the patience for that.

  4. You can influence the market value for a piece by selling one at a certain price and buying one. If you keep going lower and higher other people will try to overbid you. It may sound crazy but it works well

  5. Ok I dont mind a noob trying to teach people to run the market but the problem with the way you do it you are actually screwing yourself out of margins I have been running game markets since the early days of runescape if you undercut others and over buy others constantly you will close the gaps very quick you have to learn to have a little pattience if you are flipping 20 of a set item .01 undercut means you lose .2 so if someone undercuts you with 1 item just let them get that one sale you have the next 20 at a higher profit and that keeps from having effectively a bidding war between people trying to run the market

  6. you didnt "break the market", you did what happens on all markets in the whole world. You actually helped "making the market" (closing the gap between the bid and the ask). And it always involves somebody willing enough to buy at the ask. Which is quite common also in normal trading.

  7. I play on pc and thete it does not work. Because the differance is wsy to small. I wish there is a differance of 1 coin lol. Most of the time its 0.1 coin differance in common parts. And less than 3 on rare. Most of the time within the 10% sadly

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