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  1. Hey VP, keep the videos coming. I always had trouble walking away from trades. I would spend hours watching them, babysitting (trade-sitting) and end up wasting half a day just to close them in fear or stop out for couple pips or worse. It was pretty defeating. I entered a short trade today using my recently refined algo and went to work for 5 hours. Came back to the position to find it up 19 pips and still moving. Could you do a video about babysitting your positions? Oh, I guess that would be a short one, "stay the fuck out of the way"!

  2. My current mentor put me on this channel. I struggle no more. I love how you explain things. It's clear and now I really understand. Thank you! I love the trading psychology and money management topics the most. BIG DIFFERENCE.

  3. This video couldn't be more spot on. I find myself closing winning trades too soon in fear of them turning into a loser. And I'm up 12% this month so watching this video has helped me have more realistic expectations of the future. Without this video I have a feeling I may have given up when the next few months don't go as well. Thanks for everything you do VP!

  4. I dont need money management because i cant find an algorithm that i trust, yet. Once, i find an algorithm that i like, ill start doing actual testing. Why worry about spending time on money management when im not planning on actually trading any time soon? Opinion?

  5. You say trade your system and get out of the way. What if our system is wrong given we have to put it together ourselves? I mean.. surely you need to have the right system for yout to trust it and stay out of it's way No?

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