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  1. Hi Victor and thank you for all your videos, i just discovered Elliott Wave theory and I'm trying to apply in the right way, I watched two of your videos, and i figured out that you don't use Fibonacci levels, why don't you?

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  3. Flats never give you c wave with only three waves. C waves are always with 5 waves. So I don’t understand how you can forecast flat correction where c wave is three wave structure. I never seen c wave with only 3 waves always 5waves

  4. You have been spot on Victor with your S+P call. You said it would fall below Feb lows then make all time highs so it looks it is going exactly as you predicted so great job. I wonder if you have a target in mind where the market may have a decent correction allowing buyers to step in again? Thanks and great work!

  5. 5:54 BTC
    9:50 LTC
    10:50 ETH
    12:35 XRP
    15:20 SPX
    20:20 DOW
    21:14 NASDAQ
    22:15 NIKKIE
    23:06 UK100
    23:30 DAX
    24:40 NIFTY
    25:40 SUNPHARMA
    27:20 EURUSD
    33:00 DXY
    33:30 USDCAD
    35:30 USDCHF
    36:00 GBPUSD
    38:40 AUDUSD
    39:40 NZDUSD
    41:42 USDZAR
    43:50 GBPJPY
    45:40 USDJPY
    48:30 EURJPY
    49:50 CHFJPY
    51:10 AUDJPY
    53:00 NZDJPY
    53:45 CADJPY
    55:07 GOLD
    57:30 SILVER
    58:45 GBPNZD
    1:02:00 GBPCHF
    1:02:45 GBPCAD
    1:03:42 GBPAUD
    1:06:28 EURGBP
    1:07:50 EURAUD
    1:09:44 EURNZD
    1:10:00 EURCAD
    1:10:58 EURCHF
    1:12:30 AUDCAD
    1:13:00 NZDCHF
    1:13:30 AUDCHF
    1:13:52 CADCHF
    1:14:28 OIL
    1:16:45 AUDNZD

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