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  1. got some good sleep enhancer for you Karen, they are melatonin, natural based, mid strength with no hangover feeling, called Circadin, they are very good and give you clean sleep

  2. Appreciate the effort for putting out the contents on your channel! But its just untrue how there is nothing to gain for you if you dont sell anything, free content also generates traffic which generates ad revenue for you too. Point is we're all benefitting from one another.

  3. I'm from the Caribbean Island of Trinidad and i respect what you doing full 100%… Thank you for every little detail u put on your channel …. Wish it have more persons like you in my own country… Thank you again…. Free Event, Free Food, Free books, Free software and Three highly knowledgeable speakers…. wish i had such an opportunity……

  4. People are so ungrateful I don't have books, no traders, no were to join events, or even have food, but I try my best to become successful and I'm grateful for your education @karenfoo I've managed to get rid of many stupid habits thanks to you

  5. So if people in Singapore are so ungrateful, why are you still trying to do such a lesson for free with your team and giving away things like that?I would have drank such ungrateful people.Btw thanks by your movies you show my main blind spots in my trading so far so good on demo account.On end of this month i try go on live account.Forgot say Thank You.

  6. First like first view and first comment for the first time, Hi. Hope everything is great at your place. Pleased to watching your amazing video and wish to meet one day to shooting A video together about the land of the smile Thailand as Currently I live in Thailand

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