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  1. which time frame is it best to use? you bounce from 4H 15M & 30M to check different price action but is the 15M the best to place the trades? i am loving your videos, i always watch with my trading journal to make notes to build my stratigies…… thanks for all your help, looking forward to the signals next week

  2. Great vid! Im not quite fond of Fibo … But with this explanation vids… the story may be change.
    By the way… I Wanna to ask you a Big favor bro, can you please start making videos about candle patterns like Flag pattern, head and shoulders pattern, triangle pattern, double botom, double top, etc, etc, etc. And when and how enter a trade once this patterns appear? That would be very helpful. Thanks a lot by advanced! And thank you for taking the time for making this videos. Blessings bro!

  3. Hey Salah, i've just found your videos. I've been trading for a few years now and to find a youtuber that openly shares knowledge without trying to sell a course and actually knows what they're talking about is very rare, so thank you for that. You sound Saudi to me? Or maybe Dubai? I grew up in Riyadh but i am British and living in London now! Nice to see a middle eastern forex trader! Keep up the great videos.

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