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  1. Hey RT ! i have been following you for some time now and for some reason i am happy to say that i am involved to some extent, into most of the FX pairs, you have just presented. EURCHF was a lesson to me, as i have exited too late, … as you have shown it went the other way … Im still short USDJPY, trade that i took at the open of the big red candle,…now, considering i will manage it good on the way down i could cover my loss and make some … so my question to you is …
    If there is a way to enter again on the way down, what would you look for, … what kind of price action would you like to see, in order to be like …ok, this is a good place to add on, 25%-50% of my initial entry???

  2. Hi Rayner Great Video as Always!!
    Could You Make a Video about How to Use the ATR to Set Up the Stop Lost In The Stock Market?
    I can't really grasp the idea on how to use it on forex w/ pips and make the transition to the stock number.
    I appreciate any help/info!!
    Thanks Rayner

  3. Great content as always Rayner! It seems like you trade multiple setups and strategies in a wide variety of markets. How do you keep your focus and cope with the overwhelming price action and information?

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