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Hi @Philomath welcome to the the community. The Aussie Stock Forum has many quality posters & it won’t take you long to find the answers you are seeking but in the meantime checkout my ‚Dump it here‘ thread.

What a great first statement
„I am thinking of starting out small $500-1000 and making small trades until I find my bearings style/system“
@Philomath with that said, it is critical to make smart trading decisions. You can learn as you go by trading small positions as you say & if you make a mistake small loses are bearable. Making small mistakes now will give you the skills and experience you need to make the right decisions later on.

Knowledge dumped in one place
Over the years everyone gain knowledge. The knowledge I’ve gained over the years has been dumped into one thread with the desire to help others. The ‚Dump it here‘ thread is designed & written for an easy read.

Especially for you
The ‚Dump it here‘ thread has been written especially for you & it’s the perfect thread for all new traders starting out on their trading journey. Reading the ‚Dump it here‘ thread is a big commitment, it will be exhausting but in the long run it will ground you in the basics giving you enough information to find your feet.

Helping Others
The ‚Dump it here‘ thread is a collection of posts designed to you.
Find it here –

Hopefully there will be one of my posts that will be a catalyst for you to want to read another post then another one, steamrolling you into reading the entire thread – reading my older posts is a large commitment that’s why I made a free eBook (ePub format) – the download link for the free eBook is in the tag below my name. It’s the book I wish I had when I started out. (blatant plug)



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