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  1. Do you pay for their subscription service? Also if you just wanna use their charts and indicators can you just pay for the subscription without opening a brokerage account with them?

  2. Feelings, wishes, and personal opinions aside. In the past 80% of the time, a true low within the bear market comes in the form of double bottom. The second bottom usually is formed by a daily doji candlestick. The odd times where the V shape bottom were formed, prices eventually came back to retest that low at a later date or it was just a flash crash not in a bear market scenario. Right now, after the sharp rally, some investors and traders are feeling they missed out on the rally and want to rush back in.

  3. I've been in this game since 2000. One thing I've learned is that the news follows the sentiment. The market picks out what news it deems relevant based on the collective mood. During this recent rise, the market has ignored alot of bad news, just like during the panic selloff it ignored good news. That's why I don't even turn on CNBC anymore, just look at the charts and a quick glance at the headlines to satisfy curiosity.

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