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Why we take so much risks on forex trading? Our purpose is to make some profits. I believe most of people would agree with me, it isn’t easy. However, Easymarkets has very tricky client agreement to mislead their clients in order to rip clients off. They would do anything to put you on a vulnerable position to make losses. Most of investors do not read their client agreement. Many of those terms make non-sense to most of people. How a honest broker make these kind of unfair clauses.

I was introduced to Easymarkets by my friends. We used an EA to run my account. Luckly, a profit of AUD 69,303.26 was made in my trading account. Easymarkets decided to only refund my principals but keep the profits with them.

The excuse they used was that I was introduced by my flat mate, and we communicate with each other. They not gonna pay me the profits.. If we have ever used the same vps or computer to logon, they not gonna pay you profits. That means if Easymarkets finds that their clients in this forum talk to each other, they reserve the right not paying you the profits. It happened on me.

I have realized that there are many people made losses with Easymarkets. Why they were so care about my trading profits? I just realized that my profits are their losses. You can see that Easymarkets is on the opposite side of their clients through what happended on me. It means that they have positions against you! your losses are their profits, your profits are their losses.

Fellows, ask yourselves, why they are so care about my profit. How is my profits relate to their operation? There are many good brokers in Australia, just stay away from Easymarkets if you do not want to get ripped off.


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