Getting into growth stocks, be keen to hear any other views on my choices


I’ve been trading for about 6 months now but have mainly been focusing on high yield dividend paying stocks with the occasional day trade thrown in based on a positive report. I’ve learnt a fair bit in this time as researching and learning has become an everyday hobby (my wife says obsession), either way sharesight says i’m up around 8% and my wife can’t argue with that. Soon my term deposit matures and will get back around $50k and since i’m at least 3-5yrs away from buying a property (if I do) I want to put this money to better use on some growth shares and just leave my money there for at least 3 years and see what happens. I like the following:

Nearmap – Have a solid product and great future ahead, I feel they can expand well and achieve great growth

Appen – I know the whole world has this stock and have been following since it was $12 and never pulled the trigger due to lack of funds and a different strategy. Think it’s a great company even if it feels ‚expensive‘ at the mo.

Altium – (see appen)

Pro Medicus – Has had a great year and feel it has the potential to keep growing albeit at a more steady rate from here.

Wisetech – Great yearly results and doesn’t seem to be slowing down

Outsider company

Rectifier – surely the increase of electric vehicles can only mean good things for this company

So as you can see I’ve mainly picked well established companies, hoping I will get better returns than an etf/lic. If anyone has any feedback before I put my money in that would be great?




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