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  1. I would like to add..to the risk management part…we must decide on percentage based on your expected target…example for 1:2 risk reward I take 1 percent risk of my capital..1:3 I take 2 percent and it goes on..depending on how favourable..also I enter in three parts based on my own signal..like here..pierce pattern is formed I enter..1st signal on high of previous red candle..then 2nd signal is I wait for that candle to close at green and buy at close..final..I go all in..with my risk reward capital..when market further opens and break the high of previous candle who gave me two signals..that's the best way to manage ur risk it works wonderfully…just try it !!

  2. Hey Rayner, could you please make us a complete guide from a to z about how to trade with volume profile, a lot of gurus on youtube tried to explain it but they are not able to, because they don't understand it, I think if you can make a video a complete guide about it, you will be the first complete guide on youtube on volume profile. Thanks Rayner.

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