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  1. Just thinking here.. So if you were someone with say 100 billion that has developed so much conviction that you want as many bitcoin as possible… you would patiently buy, and then once you lose control of the market you gap CME over the weekend and let all the shorts on monday give you the rest of the liquidity you need… This kind of move doesnt happen on a whim, this is powerful.. and we are staying up here which is most surprising.

  2. Like he said, he doesn’t trade his opinion! It’s for entertainment if you’re really really bored! But I felt bad for you for still waiting for capitulation! But continue wait and be patient on the sideline, it might still go to $1800 or $1200 like was promise. Keep waiting πŸ˜‰

  3. Krown! I really enjoy your channel and I think you have some of the best analysis on the internet. I wanted to ask your opinion about something regarding trends:

    Do you believe it follows that the more irrational and greedy/fearful the sentiment of the market becomes, the less reliable ta becomes at predicting outcomes (at least in the short term)?

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