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  1. ur doing great job bro,i m proud of u.keep teaching us,ur the professor of my forex university. I have tested so many indicators but the only one system is stable which is support and resistance that you teach me.
    I started to watch your video more than two months ago,right now i can increase any account 100% a week,like u said we r the extreme trader.

  2. Thank you for this series, Salah! These videos are Xtremely helpful ;).

     I like how on the USDCHF analysis you break down all the steps you'd be looking for. (The break below, then the retest, then the bearish price action.) It could be a nice addition if at that point you even gave an example or two of which price actions you would be looking for or which ones you might accept as a signal.

    Also, I know you don't use stop loss usually, but it could be helpful if you mentioned where you would consider closing the trade if things reversed from what you'd expected.

    But this information alone is great! Thank you so much for putting it out here for all of us.

    And I agree, I'd be interested to hear you take on XAGUSD.

  3. Hi.. your analysis is very interesting and helpful. I would like to hear also some comments about the analysis that were not correct explaining your opinion on the reasons. Sometimes mistakes teach a lot more than the correct forecasts. Thanks for your help. Please continue

  4. Instead of always spelling out all the pairs such as: GBPUSD. Just say the "Pound" or it's nickname "Cable". It's easier to say and sounds more professional.
    The same goes for:
    EURUSD= Euro or Fiber
    AUDUSD= Aussi
    USDCAD= CAD or Loonie
    USDJPY= Yen
    NZDUSD= New Zealand or Kiwi
    USDCHF= The Swiss or Swissy

  5. Salah, you are great. You were my mentor and change my trading for good a couple o months ago. Please keep making the weekly analysis. I really like to compare my own analysis vs. yours and get more confidence for the trades. Thanks again!

  6. This series is very Good. I watched each and every part of this video and going back and forth.
    Please Please Please continue this series.
    I only recently saw your channel and after two videos i have subscribed.
    I will keep watching your videos.
    Keep it up man.

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