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  1. Video content request: Could you talk about L2 (level 2) and Market Orders and how to understand Level 2 please. That would be beneifical as i believe traders should be aware of L2. Thanks so much

  2. I am always amazed of how well your videos are organized with respect to quality and mindset. The lesson is well planned out with smooth transitions. The more I listen to you I see you elevating from a Day Trader to a Stock Operator. Have you read the book "Reminiscences of a Stock Operator" by American author Edwin Lefèvre? We all can agree that we are seeing the birth of an internet superstar!!!

  3. One of the best videos I have ever seen about trading penny stocks! Keep up the amazing videos! 👍 Do you think you could make a video on how to be consistent? That is my biggest challenge.

  4. It's crazy to think that any public market is a combination of what everyone thinks an asset is worth, you can use this psychology to your advantage ✅. Great video @Millenial Stock Trading, keep it up!

  5. Hey, this was great! I've got a few questions:

    1) Where do institutions fit into all of this? Don't they drive most of the movement in all but the lowest-volume stocks?
    2) I see a lot of talk about market maker manipulation. I'm sure it happens to some extent, but is most of the blame on this when stocks behave strangely due to paranoia?
    3) This one's more theoretical in nature. So you said that support, resistance, and other technical chart attributes/patterns are only valid to the extent that the market plays by them. While this seems true, I'm wondering whether a game theoretical analysis of stock market trading would produce a profile of strategies similar to the five you've discussed (e.g. it's conceivable that a nash equilibrium for stock trading would actually correspond to a strategy that could be approximated as a means of weighing well-known chart attributes like support/resistance/patterns). If that were the case, you could only do worse by ignoring chart patterns. I'm not an expert on this stuff by any means — just trying to bring in my knowledge from other fields and wondering whether you have any insight on this theoretical side.

  6. WOW! You really brought it for this one! Great work! I’m a fan!

    By the way, who are the authors on the two books you mentioned? There is more than one “Trading in The Zone”, and could not find “Trade The Traders”

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