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  1. There are lots of traders but only few actually pays,you might have given up but give it this last try and see how I help u build up your capital and prove to you that forex and binary pays.nothing to be skeptical about it's 100% guaranteed .contact me on garyeinstein100@gmail.com if interested

  2. Title should be “how to get rekkt in forex trading”. Should be a red flag when the word “lifestyle” pops up in the first 30 seconds of the video. This guy is selling you a course; but trying to also sell you a dream. Don’t be so fucking stupid. If anyone knew a trading algorithm that would be consistently profitable why would they feel the need to share it with you? They would be working for Goldman Sachs or a major firm on Wall Street. Bunch of bullshitters and pretenders here.

  3. Hi Lesiba, thank you for your videos they are truly inspirational. Please can you assist me, I do not know how to place a trade with regard to lot sizes and stop losses and take profit. Please can you advise me on how to get past this dilema. Your assistance would be highly appreciated. Regards

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  5. ..like it when niggaz keep it 100..
    ..dog can u give me a list of good brokers…was once on IQ too..but my money never came out there…… I'm currently working with FBS ..they give like $100 as bonus for beginners to start with… don't know if I can trust these brokers anymore…. so can u hook me up with the tested and working brokerd..

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