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  1. I am learning how to trade for more than a year now. But imnin my second week of my live-demo account of 200$. Now I'm at 15% loss. Looking forward to polish my risk management and timing during my trading hours. Thank you karen for a very inspiring video!

  2. I do really love your videos. They are very intuitive. I have blown so much accounts that it left me depressed. My advice to your all is you will never make money if you do not apply Karen's tips. I am learning the hard. Be patient and learn. Thanks Karen.

  3. You can grow your account by driving uber, Lyft, Via, babysitting, walking pets, dog sitting, house keeping, or putting money to the side from your 9 to 5, working overtime etc… cutting grass for someone, shoveling snow, anything, I did whatever it took as long as it was legalπŸ€‘

  4. Hellow Karen Welcome To United Republic Of Tanzania Nice Place and Country To Visit Full Of Peace And Harmony Also Full Of Tour Places Like Mount Kilimanjaro And Other Worlds Amazing Place Like Ngorongoro Crator Welcome.

    Fun Enough People Are Willing To Know About Forex and Become One Of Successfull Traders Like You.


  5. Yes right. but i ever hear one man star from 10$ to 1000.0000$. on 1year. And Like to kompetisi forex .somepeople Can easy growth account from10k to 200k$ only in 2day. Are you think maybe them have holygrail tehnik entry?.

  6. Affirmative, since I started to developed my trading skills I fond with my strategies but I became careless when I took 3 brokers and beefed up my accounts to take huge profit in short period of time and I engaged multiple trades with same currency and when it reversed and suddenly crash my whole accounts gone….it served as lesson learnt for me and now I changed my style that if ever similar scenario will occurs I already secured my profits. To be greedy is inevitable if you focused on swift huge profit but the most important is to guard our hard earned capital thru wise management…trading is always there but once your capital blew away…you will realize the discrepancies you have done….

  7. Do not trade on demo. It not real time in real environment.. Should be trade on live account only just start on small account…because on demo every order your open or close is done all. But on live account it in real entertainment you must find slippage reqoate market jam. Every your order open or close it never Successful and perfect like demo.

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