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  1. Hi Wayne, wonderful session as always !!

    I´d love to take part in the day trading concept ! Perhaps you can also add a feature where you ask your participant the reason why they choose to be a certain bias ( wether it´s on fundamentals and/or technical analysis done on weekly / monthly ) and then give them upcoming tips on something they might have missed that could impact their bias (i.e important news , seasonality, …)

    Greetings from London.

  2. Hey Wayne, relatively new to your videos, but liked your process so much that I bought your training videos this weekend. Looking forward to completing ASAP and then joining your swing trading group. You talked about an advisory service (training wheels) in today's video. I would be very interested purchasing once developed if I'm still learning to ride. :0
    Thanks for all that you do for us!! Truly awesome learning.
    Cheers from a fellow canuck…..Greg H

  3. Thanks again for a fantastic session Wayne….i would be interested in the day trading/trade planning concept you alluded to however would need to see what it looked like before commiting, it was all very vague.

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