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  1. It's also worth watching Bitcoin as in indicator of market sentiment. Bitcoin will sometimes break first, followed by nasdaq and the rest of the market. Bitcoin has surged in the past week or two, so if there is a breakdown there, I wonder if the stock market will follow.

  2. Hi Randy! Thanks for the great work you do here. I really appreciate it. I would really like it if you could do a new fundamental video. It's so much things going on in the markets right now.

    Thanks so much for your work. From a follower in Sweden 🇸🇪

  3. This is like nothing i have ever seen in the market before…just keeps Melting-Up….the powers to be do not want this market to go Down! The Hell with the Border Wall…Trump just Put in a Order to build the next Greatest and Big! Big! Elevator to the Moon…so People could get a better Look at Why we should vote for him in the near FUTURE its big and great and big and great Up and UP and UP! and Salvate! while we watch our money go to the Moon with our tax free orange wigs! Yee Ha!

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  5. The NAZ, DOW, S&P and Russel are (wait for it) "TOO BIG TOO FAIL" whew! Honestly 1/2 the pension funds in America are already under water. Do you honestly think "they" are going to let fundamentals determine share prices? Boeing is the perfect example, the fundies of BA are completely broken – dividend will not survive the lawsuits, yet the stock is still 15% near all time highs? Who but the PPT buys BA today?

  6. Randy, does the steep slope of the XLK and XLY rising trend lines need to be factored in some how? Based on a non-technical visual observation, they seem unsustainable. And PS, thanks for these videos that you put out for us. I watch religiously.

  7. IMO we will be making a move upwards so big soon that the divergences disappear. I think it would be a good idea to look what many individual stocks are doing right now. Many set to go higher.

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