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  1. It's kinda stressful trying to make big deal, but I made 12,000 with just a thousand within 74hours unbelievable , I never had any positive thought toward it, though what I went through wasn't that soft, trust issues, initially, it was supposed to be 20,000 but I made a lot, and he took his share his share without my permission I don't care hahaha

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  3. Forex trading is one that people avoid because they think It's uncertain and hard to understand. Well its okay to doubt but just to know I never regret quitting my job as a waiter to invest my savings in Forex, with the basic understanding of the market and a good trading agent then you are going straight to the top. With the help of my Agent and Broker my story changed. I highly recommend forex to anyone looking to gain financial freedom.

  4. This is a very nice and educative video, kudos to you. All you said made me remember what Sir William Beckford taught me while trading on my behalf. It has made me understand that the most important way to make it big in the market is with the guidance of a professional. You should make a video on Mr Beckford you know?

  5. I made almost $500 in one week just to lose it in one bad trade that I honestly i was being dumb. I know I can do it again tho. This def motivated the crap outta me this is great man 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  6. For some people watching YouTube videos is all they need to do to learn to trade for themselves, some need bots some don't even know a thing about trading, and the later would always lose their investments, for those who needs someone to trade for them until they can for themselves Mr Andrew Feldstein is the man to call, he is the best account manager i have ever come across and his strategy is unique and accurate.

  7. are you set up to have sub accounts on your account…and then money we put in you can have shadow trade with your skills? i think ppl do this and collect like a 10-15% fee at end of month for the profits made ? is that something you can or inclined to do??

  8. Thanks for sharing! Did you start your balance at $2900 or were you adding to a previous balance?
    If it was just $2900, what was your balance when you did the aggressive trade on 4/7/19?
    Im asking because I currently have a little more in my balance but my margin % gets too low when I try to trade 1.00 as my lot size.
    Please help! Love you and your videos!!! ❤️

  9. I love your work Lee you have been a huge inspiration to me, right now i am comfortable with my trading situation thanks to the Fib Fusion Strategy i found on the internet in the beginning of the year. i follow the strategy and i win 8 out of every 10 trades making thousands weekly. It is the greates strategy of 2019.

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