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  1. You can maybe help a total forex newbie be profitable in 1 month BUT you can't help that person be consistently profitable. It takes time and self- discipline for one to achieve consistency.

  2. there grown men an they didn't even look at what it did previous earnings i was 18 i realized that on my own didn't have to watch youtube i love it though great videos really shows how small peoples drives are god dam trump baby im 22 if you just actual get off your lazy ass a study an gain knowledge you'd be in a positive place stop being ignorant an negative now i've never heard of samuel leach this got recommend there the algorithm great show though i find myself fast forwarding a little just where it has nothing to do with trading an why does it seem like its 720p i don't know when it was film a little blurry

  3. After watching this, it has made me realise how much more knowlegde the professionals have regarding investments and data because all of these really would not make it at a proprietary firm.

  4. This is a great way to put up a team. There has to be team effort and cut setbacks, but i also think that some people might be lost and don't know much about forex maybe engaging them a bit and giving them second chance they can bring up light.

  5. I would of failed in this one, I am strictly technical, through my back testing I'm bias to my satistics, I couldn't do fundamentals due to, I would've back testing the fundamentals back in 2014 and 2013 to back up my technical analysis

  6. I have to write this comment. Overall is very good but….

    I just hope you can have a proper English translation because, the audio is bad.
    – when you guys talk, NOT 'clear' enough

    – the background sound.. while the volume is low, makes it worst.

    The way it is now, it will only benefit to those whose English listening skill is good. I'm not native english speaker.

    The first episode is ok, but, this one is bad. At least to my ears. If only you guys can have a proper English subtitle. Enabling youtube auto-generated subtitle is NOT helping at all.

  7. How to make money out of thin air? Damn, you make it sound so easy lol. Making a complete noob into a profitable trader in 30days is impossible if you ask me. Nonetheless, it's very entertaining to watch. I will be tuning in for next weeks episode lol

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