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  1. I'm starting to think that these brokers are catching on to this lately I've been seeing m and w patterns barely show up or just do one leg than move aggressively then stop hunt then bars close at the last minute in the right direction then wtf is going on?

  2. a thought popped up while watching this is , if market makers know that retail traders know theses patterns why not manipulate the pattern itself and shake those who trade it.? an extra retest for example.

  3. You must know that there is literly alot to make. Even as a retailer. But surley having this channel as a "BUSINESS" can have better taxes benfits right? Everyone is doing it now. But why not just make your piece of cheese and stay low. Under the radar.

  4. Stacey please talk about rectangles. STOP talking about M&W. And why do you go so into teaching? Great its free. But why? Why not open a bakery with some cookie cutters. Or golf. Why leak this out? Not like institutional watchers see this. And just may change there playbooks. Just a little. After all the make money from us.

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