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  1. Welcome to this weeks Weekly Forex Forecast where we identify the overall trend direction of the markets, key turning points in the market as well as profit targets for the coming week.

    All analysis is done on multiple time frames and presented in the 4h time frame.

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    I wish you all a nice weekend and a profitable trading week next week.

  2. thanks for all your analysis, please how can one handle news release in-line with this analysis, news releases can really affect market at times, that is just my little worry, i will like to hear your view in news release in regards to weekly analysis.thanks

  3. Hi John, I have seen your video for the weekly analysis for 6th to 10th May and followed-up the market as per your analysis but i could not understand that your analysis is based on weekly targets or long terms targets? For example tomorrow is last day and as per your analysis the US Dollar Index will go to 98.50 and tomorrow is the last day of your analysis so that is still under question mark… Similarly you said that NZD/USD will go to 0.6713 but still it is too far away from its weekly target and so on. So, i am lil bit confuse after taking your weekly analysis under consideration as it hasn't moved as per your analysis but in future who know what happens but here we are not talking about long term targets right?

  4. On the Usd/cad pair, is there a possiblity that a 5th wave could come slightly lower below the 1.35 target?? Maybe 1.3460???. Could it possibly actually run right through the 1.3390??? Somehow i dont see it reversing !!! Any thoughts????

  5. kindly reply my question in mind , i mostly do trade in euro-usd , a few yrs back euro usd used to do long term trend in one direction but it is almost indecisive and total move of pips is too low in 24 hr , so what time frame u suggest for short trade , keeping in mind ,what time frame mean 4 hr or daily , thanks

  6. hello, aren't you from australia. how can you look for bullish formations while you are expecting rate cut and bad data the same goes for NZD, aren't investors dumping these currencies . this is definitely not just some volatility caused by the news.

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