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  1. I am not a trader …yet…as I do not understand candlestick graphs and trends that you are looking for…….but i enjoy the rawness of your videos…in other words the viewer sees it as it is…not a market production. I know you are trying to concentrate but as you progress with the trading maybe you could talk us through what you are thinking, waiting for, etc, etc so we get a better idea of what the graphs are doing or are showing you…..great videos though mate.
    By the way mate…don't wear a red T shirt….you may jinx yourself…..lol

  2. Nice, I appreciate this kind of live trading videos. One question, how did you set up your hot-keys? I noticed that your P/L was in red when you immediately hit your buy hotkey. Could you share how you set up your buy and sell hotkeys? I am also switching to Lightspeed from my IB broker. Thx

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