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  1. As usual for all videos that you have already published till today (lots of them) they are very usufull and i know meanwhile we or rather me i have learned and benefited already a lot for your guidance and you videos (better watch each video 2x or even 3x, to keep the max. out of each of them ) it will beniefit and boost trading results nicely but on step by step basis. On the other hand i have been asked already quite a lot of time from n< french speaking friends (last one my nefew) if you have a full video tutorial series (starting with same video as above) in french and this really for the very beginners (incl. candelstik patter etc. etc. etc. ). Many thanks for your professional work and the time you dedicate to assist trade to bring a strong stucture in their trading activities. Looking forward to you reaply as well (re. french who do not speak english at all).

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