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  1. But this strength list occures after the movements of pairs. so it is lagging indicator. it reveals the strength after it already happens. i think it is not reliable to use it for scalping for 3-4 pips.

  2. Quick question…i noticed the strength indicator tends to lead to the back end part of a daily move…so is it only designed to really catch 10-15 pips? Would entering on a semi strong currency be a good way to catch the move for 30-40 pips?

  3. Please what time frame are you using to check the currency Strength and weakness on the Finviz website? It tends to work well with 5mins and 15min time frames. Can it used on Daily time frame? The values change from one trading session to another.

  4. Hey man, I've already added a shortcut to this great website, but I haven't used it. Now I want to use this wonderful I am today AUD / JPY instead of BUY and after looking at AUD / CHF more pip than BUY or not and then I don't want to freak out anymore why I didn't choose it anymore. Thank you I know what to do

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