Trump’s trade war with China doesn’t bode well for an already shaky U.S. housing market


Homeowners looking to sell may have reason to grow increasingly concerned about President Trump’s deteriorating relationship with China. See full story.

Apple’s loss at the Supreme Court is ‘a big victory for consumers’ fighting Big Tech’s app and platform monopolies

Apple Inc. was dealt a major setback in an eight-year-old lawsuit over the app store by the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday, in a decision that could have a wider effect on companies beyond Apple. See full story.

Just like the textbook says: Wage pressure making higher prices ‘inevitable,’ small business owner tells Fed

Higher prices from wage pressure seems inevitable, a small business owner told a Boston Fed conference Monday. That’s what the Fed’s Philip’s Curve inflation framework would predict. See full story.

Uber CEO’s rallying cry as stock keeps sliding: Remember Facebook and Amazon

As Uber Technologies Inc. shares slid for a second consecutive day after the ride-hailing company’s massive initial public offering, Chief Executive Dara Khosrowshahi reportedly gave his employees a rallying cry Monday morning: “Remember Facebook and Amazon!” See full story.

Tesla bear wants to bet you $10,000 that Elon Musk fails to reach his goals

Former hedge-fund manager Whitney Tilson isn’t shy about his bearish outlook on Tesla. In fact, it feels like a bit of an obsession. He’s out with his latest take on the where the company is headed. See full story.


‘They already helped us buy our house, one that we otherwise would not have been able to afford.’ See full story.

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