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  1. Pump up the volume, PUTV, PUTV, DANCE! DANCE!

    Oh yeah, old school…I did not realize that can out in 1987. I was in 5th grade.

    Favorite volume indicator? How about trading the Wycliffe method? No supply and no demand after stopping volume up or down…

  2. Love your content, Gotta admit the ugly truth that I am a reversal trader but hey..just starting out, So in time once i got the right system in place & backtest the shit out of it i'm looking forward to trend trading only.

  3. I think that your algoritm is something like:


    1-Trend Identificator

    2-Volume Convergence to measure trend strenght

    3- ATR indicator for entry and exit, maybe Kelnet Channel (is ATR 2X Std Dev)

    5-ATR Value 1.5X for Stop Loss

    6- Is probably volume convergence and ATR Kelnet Channel and or ATR Stop Loss.

    Am I close?

  4. I suggest a sort of MACD built with Hull MAs instead of EMAs; Hull MAs react faster. BTW when you say/write volume, do you refer to momentum? Sorry but this doubt arises since you're using ADX as an example.

  5. Best Volume Indicator sits between you ears, and on the left and right of your nose. If you want to go 2 waves down, make sure there are 4 waves up and versa. That is the true volume. Banks just place orders at specific levels when enough volume is reached. It's their game. So the answer is your Eyes!

  6. VP i love you man, you keep giving us mind blowing information, i can literally feel the years of self doubt, overtrading and blown accounts being knocked off with every video lol. I respect that you genuinely just want people to get better and have financial freedom and you try to get people out of that mindset of feeling stuck or scared or insecure. I know you said youre not the best rah rah motivation guy like Gary V. but you sure motivate the shit out of me and you do it all for free which shows how real you are. thanks for everything man

  7. The info provided in this video is mostly good as a concept, but there is some misleading information; ADX is not a volume indicator, this indicator measures the strength of the trend by comparing the upward vs the downward movement and therefore every price consolidation section is excluded from the trade – ADX has nothing to do with the volume, it doesn't matter if there were 100 lots traded on a certain bar or one mini lot traded in that bar, the ADX is based solely on price movement .

  8. I can't find a single one that's worth putting on my charts. Volume changes constantly throughout the day, so any volume indicator is just too random to really provide any value. Besides which, the currencies market is the biggest and most liquid market in the world. There is always gas in the car.

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