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  1. Brokers mainly take advantage of their customers and their invested funds

    because they feel these customers don't know how to get their funds back

    But trust me there are hidden ways you can get your lost funds back

    from the broker. I was able to withdraw my funds going to the tune of $142,000 from the two brokers i signed up with while trading. If you have lost funds to broker that is more than $2000 please kindly let me know so i can tell you how you can get your money back in an interval of one week. Contact me via email on warriortradingclass@gmail.com

  2. Hello, Alex.
    I have developed an EA that works better with 4 points currency. I saw this particular hedging multiplier in another EA and i added it to my EA, although mine doesnt do grid and it opens maximum of 10 trades. But when trades are good it multiplies the lot and results was insane in backtest, i haven’t used it yet in real account but i will use it this week.

    What i want to know right now is, how can i do it for the EA to trade multiple pairs in one chart. Or do i have to use it on different chart ?

  3. Thanks Alex !Good concept..the latest version of GTM is V3.1.2 which I am using it. By the way , I could not find how to use Dynamic grids sizing automatically. I know it is a manual setting on grid size , but how to do automatically when the price goes to a wrong direction ???

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